Visit a Jawbone Men's Team!

The heart and soul of Jawbone resides in our Men's Teams, where teams of men gather to listen, to be honest, and to hold each other accountable to be successful in their lives. (Many Jawbone men also help organize events and attend social events.)

Please call the contact listed for a team to get the particulars of any meeting.

By When: Progress in your business.
Good for men who: Are results-oriented, are interested in finding the greatness in one another and supporting them in that greatness
When: Wednesdays 7:30 -10:30
Where: Northbridge, MA
Contact: Lage 508-400-7446

River of Fire: Magic from the stillness of the river, crackling fire and our commitment to care for each other.
Good for men who: Want to share both their joys and their pains, so that they can return to their families and their lives renewed
When: Wednesdays 7:30-10:30
Where: Hadley, MA on the Connecticut river
Contact: Young 413-387-8678

Big Rocks: Team helps identify and move the to-do that is stopping you this week. 
Good for men who: Want to aggressively push through in multiple areas of his life
When: Wednesdays 8:00-11:00
Where: Groton, MA or Concord, MA
Contact: Lessa 617-365-2470 

Jawbone currently is composed of eight teams.  Visitors may go to almost any meeting.  Visit a team to find out if that Men's Team might help you.

Teams have quite different emphases and tones.  Consult Berke 617-413-3348 if you can't tell which team might match you best.

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Rocket Ship: Going deep; discovering what's next for each man.
Good for men who: Are introspective, and growth and action oriented
When: 1st and 3rd Mondays 7:00-9:30, other dates as scheduled
Where: Brookline, Billerica
Contact: Berke 617-413-3348

Thunder: A team dedicated to discovering the men we are meant to be and finding, developing and learning to use a set of tools to manifest that.
Good for men who: want to be audacious and end up in a place that is beyond any goal that they would dare to set when they started the journey.
When: 2nd and 4th Mondays 7:00pm - 9:30pm
Where: Hingham, Hull, Lexington, Newton, Boston
Contact: Rancatore 617-823-7262