Welcome to Jawbone!

To cause greatness
mentoring men
to live with excellence
and, as mature, masculine leaders,
to create successful
families, careers, and communities.

Every man deserves, and is strengthened by, a team of trusted men who celebrate his victories, help him to recover from his defeats, provide honest, thoughtful, and unflinching feedback, and support him as he realizes his greatness and creates his legacy.

What Can Men Do?
- Visit a team: Experience how different teams of men support each other. 
- Attend an event: Fun events, trainings, gatherings, social, community service.
- Help create events: Exercise your leadership skills.
- Get phone list and roster: http://www.mdimen.org/roster.html
- Email someone to talk about Jawbone: jbdGM@WebMDI.org.
Is Jawbone Right for You?
The men of Jawbone gather together across Massachusetts weekly in small teams, and regularly in larger groups, to inspire and support each other, in an atmosphere of fun and mutual commitment, to live a life of powerful adult masculinity with purpose, clarity, and integrity
Visit us as we support each other to become better men, better partners, better spouses, better friends, better fathers, better sons, and better providers.
We are committed to your success.